Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Lifeonaire Get-a-Life Getaway. The event is a three-day workshop, based on the Lifeonaire book, which on mindset and building a vision for your life. What intrigued me most about Lifeonaire was the challenge to cultural norms. Many people question whether or not life is meant to be spent in an office yet few people present an alternative that sounds like more than a dream. After reading the book, I thought the event could be worth attending and signed up.

Day One – Breaking The Myths

I arrived to the workshop a bit early on the first day and had the opportunity to meet several people standing outside of the room before the class started. For most of the attendees, this was their first Lifeonaire event but a few attended who regularly come to the event when they want a refresher. Day one was mostly a mindset day. In the beginning, the coach asked the group to define prosperity in their own words. We were taught the difference between a millionaire and a lifeonaire along with lessons on each of the six principles of Lifeonaire. At the end of the day, we were given homework that night to write our own eulogy, what we’d do with three months to live, and what we’d want our children’s lives to look like.

Day Two – Playing The Game Of Life By YOUR Rules

Day two started with people sharing what they had written in their homework. These assignments really exposed what people really wanted their lives to be like even if they didn’t previously know themselves. We talked about the game of life and whether we are winning by our own rules or by the rules the world has laid out for us and how failure to write our own rules means we accept the world’s rules. The rest of the day included exercises that began the initial outline of our visions for our lives. The homework this night was to complete those exercises.

Day Three – What Does Your Vision Truly Look Like?

The last day of the workshop was even better than the first two. Many more people in the class were sharing their stories and what they wanted their lives to look like. Most of the day consisted of getting a better idea of what the vision we were building would look like. For the first time, we were getting important information on what our visions truly cost to implement, how our schedule would look, and action items and waypoints to help us move forward. Most of the class found that cost was not a limiting factor to live their vision. The class finally could see that they could begin to live the lives they wanted now instead of waiting for someday.

The Week After

Things didn’t end just because the workshop was over. We still had to finish our visions. The vision is a living document so I didn’t include it in this post but you can find my vision here. Many of us from the class are now in a Slack group and planning to meet up in about a month to share what we have done in the first month after the class. Changes are already happening within the group. I have started reading a Bible study and keeping the phone in my pocket while I’m out with my fiancé. I saw someone from the group having lunch with his son as part of his vision. One person is even selling a house to pay off debt! Whether the step is small or large, they all lead closer to our visions.


The workshop was great! I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to find clarity and purpose in their lives. The workshop’s focus on having the best life experiences over the biggest pile of money is refreshing. For more information on Lifeonaire, check out the Lifeonaire review on Life Over Money.

2 thoughts on “Lifeonaire Get-A-Life Getaway

  1. Absolutely incredible information, it astounds me how many people do not actually live the life they envision. Very eye opening article, I hope it helps many people see their life’s vision.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Very true! I’ve found that many people don’t really know what their life vision is or where to start. They have accepted society’s vision for their lives without hesitation. This workshop is great for helping to break that pattern.

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