Update: MoviePass has made many changes since the time of this post. It has also been caught up in scandal and security breaches. We stopped using the service months ago and no longer recommend the service to anyone. There are alternatives available but we haven’t personally tried any of them.


My fiance and I have been trimming our budget to focus on paying off debt and cash flowing our wedding/honeymoon. With this goal in mind, we are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of things we want to do rather than just giving it up completely. One great way to save on our entertainment budget is MoviePass. For only $9.95 monthly, we can go to a movie theater every day and see a movie. We don’t go quite that often but when a ticket normally runs us $11.50, we can quickly justify the MoviePass cost.

How MoviePass works

MoviePass is simple to use. All you need to do is check in at the theater for the movie you want to see using the app. Then you can go inside and pay with the debit card MovePass sends you when you sign up and pay. Some theaters have an eTicketing option available through the app but none in our area have this.


This has been a great help in our entertainment budget. We can go see a movie any night we want without any additional cost as long as we don’t load up at the snack bar. Choosing a movie is much easier since we can always see one of the others the next day if we’d like. MoviePass has been a great cure for those nights where you just don’t want to stay in the house but really don’t want to spend money especially on the cold nights we’ve had too many of lately.


There are a couple of limitations to MoviePass. You cannot use it for 3D or IMAX movies. We recently got an IMAX theater so that’s a bummer but not a deal breaker. The big thing we noticed is that you can only sign yourself up for MoviePass. We could not sign up as a couple. We both have separate memberships. This works fine for us but what about families with small children. The kids might not have a phone. If they did, would you really want to manage individual subscriptions for each member of your family. We feel like they missed the mark on this one but hopefully they will add the feature later.

Getting Started

Getting started with MoviePass is easy but not instant. They need to ship a debit card to you so your membership won’t actually start until you receive that card which could take up to two weeks. Ours arrived much sooner. At the time of this writing, they are offering membership for $7.95 per month if you pay for a year in advance.

  1. Sign up at the MoviePass website or through the iPhone or android apps.
  2. Once your card arrives, activate the card in the app.
  3. Drive to your favorite theater and check in using the app.
  4. Pay with your MoviePass debit card
  5. Enjoy the show!


MoviePass is a great way to help save on your entertainment budget without having to sacrifice entirely. We have loved this subscription over the past couple of months and have seen many great movies that we probably wouldn’t have gone to see otherwise. We have been recommending MoviePass since we started using it. It would be great to see improvements to the subscription in the future such as the ability to see IMAX or 3D even if it’s a more limited option. If the ability to manage multiple people on a single subscription is added to the service, this will be a slam dunk for families.

6 thoughts on “Save On Your Entertainment Budget With MoviePass

  1. Pretty neat! Thank you for sharing this information. As a family, we have not been to the movies often because they are so expensive. This is a great choice. I can’t wait until they come out with the family plan.

    Wondering if we can see a movie even if it just came out first run?

    1. They definitely add up quickly especially for families. The tickets for a family of five here is $45.50 normally or $71 if you want to see it on IMAX. That’s before you even hit the snack bar which is where cost really begins to add up.

      You can absolutely see first run movies! We have seen many in the first week they’ve been out. In some reviews, I have heard of some theaters putting limitations on the number of MoviePass users per show but we have never experienced this ourselves.

  2. Good idea! I have been thinking about it. I usually don’t go to movies more than a few times a year but with the movie pass I could see myself going at least 2-3 times a month and it would be worth it. Each time you go the price per drops so seeing more than a couple of movies for the price of one makes sense!

    1. Exactly! We didn’t go very often either. It was once maybe every month or two. Our first month with MoviePass, we watched six new movies. I do that same math after we see movies too. It’s nice to think “We just paid $2 for that movie and the next one will be even less.”

  3. Thanks for introducing me to the MoviePass service, this does save a huge amount when you compare to a typical movie ticket, certainly justifies signing up in my book.
    I think cinemas are having to compete with the likes of Netflix nowadays due to their convenience of watching everything in the comfort of your own home but I agree with you regarding getting a night out and watching on a big screen, this experience is something watching movies at home can’t compete with.
    You never know, in time they may introduce the odd night for 3D and IMAX as competition intensifies however I’m inclined to agree with you with regards to having a kids pass incorporated onto an adults MoviePass card, this makes so much sense.
    Thank again for the cost saver,

    1. Hi Simon,

      There certainly is a lot of competition for theaters now between all the streaming services and the ability to watch movies that are still in theaters with apps like Kodi and Terrarium. The experience of actually going to the movie theater is still miles ahead of home theaters for most people.

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